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A couple of weeks ago my class and I went to a Fire School, and it was a blast!!! Your probably thinking how can siting down learning about a fire be fun? well we did lots more then just learn about fire we actually got to put out fires!

Here is a slide show I made of my class and I at Fire School.

Make your own slideshow with music at Animoto.

I learned allot about fires at fire school. It really is amazing how easy and fast a fire can start, for example I watched a video and someone was smoking and didn’t put it out properly when he was done so he threw it on the ground, and it landed on a shirt and overtime the shirt caught on fire and then later the house was nothing but a pile of ashes

Have you ever been in or seen a fire?

Thanks for reading!




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Hi Bloggers,

This here is a list of my top ten favorite NHL teams

10: Buffalo Sabers. The Buffalo Sabers are a really cool team there not the best in the NHL and they’re probaly not gonna make the playoffs. But they have some players and a really good goalie. I like the Sabers because they are a awsome team with good players!

9: Florida Panthers. I know the Panthers aren’t the best team in the NHL but I like them still quite a bit. They have allot of good star players, all they need is a better goalie and they could make the playoffs!

8: Winnipeg Jets. The Jets are a really interesting team, they have a cool history back in the 90′s the jets got there team tooken away from them I’m not quite sure the exact date they got there team token away but i know it was sometime in the 90′s, anyway once they got there team token away all players had to go somewhere so they made a new team for all the players to go to called the Atlanta Thrashers  and that team lasted about a good 10 years, then in 2012 the Thrashers got there team token away so they brought back the Jets gave them a new logo and everything !  So I like the jets because of there history and there just a cool team in general!

7: Wasington Captials. The Capitals are a really good team but there not what they used to be, a couple years ago the Capitals were one of the NHL’s best teams they always made the playoffs mainly because of there star player Alexander Ovechkin he scored all the goals and helped them out allot.  Ovechkin is still on The Capitals team but he’s not what he used to be. The Capitals were always a guaranteed team to make to the playoffs but this year they may not even make the playoffs! So i really don’t like the Capitals as much as I used to

6:New Jersey Devils. I am honstly not that sure why i like the Devils. when I was little I wasnt all that much into hockey like I am now but when I was I the Devils were my favorite team im not quite sure why but I just liked them. Currently now I still liked them just not as much as I used to. last year it really shocked me that they made to the Stanly Cup Finals even though they lost in it.

5: Toronto Maple Leafs. The Maple Leafs are doing really good this year last year they were doing really bad one of the worst in the league actually, but this year they are doing really well and have already clinched a playoff spot. This really surprised me when I heard they are making the playoffs because the Maple Leafs used to be one of those teams no one really liked, and i never liked them also but now there in my top 5 of favorite NHL teams just because of how much they have improved!

4: Otowa Senoters. The Otowa Senoters are a really good team I like them allot they dont really have a awsome history or anything like some teams but they have been around in the NHL a long time and they’ve always been one of those teams that I just liked quite a bit. They have some really cool players to and there goalie has the best save presintige in the NHL!

3:Pittsburgh Penguins. The Pittsburgh Penguins are an amazingly good team they have so many good players and they just got another one recently, Jerome Inginla. Personally I think there gonna win the Stanly Cup. They also have Sidney Crosby who is crazy good, the best player in the NHL by far currently. So whats not to like about this team they have tons of great players a good goalie and there just awesome!!!

2:Montreal Canadians. The Canadians have allways been the underdogs in the NHL. last season they came 27th out of 30 teams in the leauge as of now they are 3rd in the leauge!!! thats really crazy how one of the worst teams can make that big of a comeback. I like the Montreal Canadians because they are very good now and its just cool how they made that huge comeback.

1:Vancouver Canucks. The Canucks are my all time favorite hockey team. they are not only my favorite they are actually really good and im not just saying this because they are my favorite team, they have one two presidents trophys in the last 3 years ( to get the presidents trophy you have to finish first in the league )and in the 2010-2011 year they made it to the Stanly Cup finals even though they lost in the finals it was still awesome that they made it there!

Thanks for reading about my top 10 favorite hockey teams.

Whats your top 10 favorite hockey teams?



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Hey Bloggers,

I am going to say my top 10 favorite sports

10: Lacrosse. I haven’t play lacrosse allot but the few times  have I’ve found it really fun

9:  Motocross. I don’t actually do like racing or anything with dirt bikes but when I go to my dads house I like to ride my quad there.

8: Football. I’m not very good at football but I think it is a really fun sport

7:  Volleyball. I like volleyball because its a fun sport to just play for fun with your friends

6:  Swimming. When i was little I used to swim all the time and I loved it and I still do now!

5: Tennis. I used to live really close to a tennis court and I would go up and play tennis allot

4: Bass ball. bass ball used to be my all time favorite sport when I was younger I still like it now, It’s just not my favorite sport

3: Basketball. Basketball is a really fun sport it can be both competitive and fun at same time!

2: Soccer. I like soccer allot because its fun and a really cool sport to play

1: Hockey. This wouldn’t be to much of a surprise if you have already read my previous posts. I like hockey because its fun, competitive and fast paced, all the things I like in a sport

Those are my top 10 favorite sports but whats yours?

Bye till next post


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Hi Bloggers,

Lately in Social Studies my class and I have been learning about a really cool writing that the Mesopotamians used to use called Cuneiform writing.

Interestingly Cuneiform is the world’s first known writing form. Cuneiform writing was founded in 3000 B.C. Cuneiform writing was first used to record information. Strangely Cuneiform writing is written on a clay tablet using a stylus to write on it with. Cuneiform writing was originated in Mesopotamia.Mesopotamia is no longer a place it is now Iraq so no one actually uses Cuneiform writing anymore because we all have pencils and paper.

My class and I made our my own cuneiform tablet.It has my name and says some stuff I like on it in my version of cuneiform writing. (This writing is not the actual cuneiform writing. My teacher made up some symbols and then we got to make our own cuneiform symbols, too.) This is a picture of my Cuneiform writing tablet:


My Cuneiform tablet

Cuneiform writing started out as complicated symbols with lots of lines everywhere and kind of hard to draw especially on clay. Then over lots and lots of years the Mesopotamians decided to make the symbols more simple so, that’s just what they did.  they made the symbols easier to draw and they look allot  nicer to too in my opinion.

I think Cuneiform writing is a very inserting topic, I think it is interesting because there’s so much stuff to learn about it and I find the facts really cool.

What do you think is the most interesting fact of Cuneiform writing?




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Hey Bloggers,

Mount Washington is a really cool place to go to. You can ski, snowboard, snowshoe  and go tubing. Mount Washington is not that far from where I live and it’s one of my favorite places to go. In the winter it snows a lot! The mountain normally opens in late November and closes early February.
Mt. Washington
Photo Credit: GarrettRiffal via Compfight cc

My favorite thing to do up there is go tubing. Tubing is where you get a on a tube and go really fast down a steep hill. I like tubing because the hills are really steep and I go so fast that sometimes I get butterfly’s in my stomach! I’ve never gone snowboarding up there but I’ve gone cross country skiing and it’s awesome, there’s so  much beautiful scenery to see. In the Summer when all the snow is gone they open the snowshoe trail as a hiking trail and its really fun to go hiking there

Whats your favorite snow related activity?



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Hi Bloggers!

Minecraft: blocks + creativity = adventure.

Minecraft is a game where you build things, survive against monsters, and play mini games on servers. the game mode creative is just to use your imagination and build whatever you want from hotels to castles to houses. The possibilities are endless! Survival mode is just straight up survival, you have to gather resources to build a shelter, and when night comes monsters will come and try to attack you, so that’s why you may need a shelter of some sort.

The Village in Minecraft

Photo Credit: post-apocalyptic research institute via Compfight

Basically, what I just described  is the main game  but there are all sorts of servers you can join, each one different with a new  game to play! Servers give you a chance to play with other people in the world who own Minecraft. Normally servers will have some kind of game on it you can play on it.

If you haven’t played the game before you should really try it. You can get it for the PC or Xbox 360

That’s all for now,

- Cole


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Hi Bloggers.

groundhog day!
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Liz via Compfight

This is a marmot. Marmots eat berries, grass, flowers, roots and moss.  They will make a burrow when it starts to get cold out and hibernate in it. An average marmot will usually hibernate in mid September for 4 to 8 months. These beaver-like animals have lots of predators  including Golden Eagles, coyotes, badgers, foxes and yes, humans.  Humans mainly hunt marmots for their fur to make hats, blankets, jackets and more.

Marmots weigh from 5-20 pounds. They live in small groups in rocky mountain areas.  I picked a marmot to write about because I think there very cool and interesting animals. Do you like marmots, if so why?

Until next post,



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Hi Bloggers,

This my favorite hockey player Ryan Kesler  his position is center forward, he is number 17 and plays for the Vancouver Canucks which is also my favorite hockey team. This is a video of him scoring. enjoy!

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Hi Bloggers!

My favorite school object is a floor hockey stick because I really like hockey, it’s my favorite sport.  I like hockey because it’s fun and it’s a really fast paced sport  (I don’t like slow sports too much). I also like hockey because it’s a competitive sport and I can be very competitive when it comes sports.

Stick Save Varlamov
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: clyde via Compfight

What’s your favorite school object?


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Hello Bloggers

A few weeks ago was Remembrance Day so every student in my class wrote a poem about the tomb of the Unown Soldier who now lays in Ottawa. Here is my poem:

Pipacs / Red Poppy
Photo Credit: Mátyás Varga via Compfight

I am the Unknown Soldier; remember me.
I fought for years,
I was forced to.
I thought it would never end, I knew I would end up dying.

It was terrible.

I can still hear the screaming and gunshots,
I hated the trenches;
the mud and water went up to your waist sometimes.
Other times up to your knees.
We had barely enough food to survive.
I got few hours of sleep. I had to sleep on the cold wet mud
I had to get up very early
I worry every night I will die in my sleep.

You are never safe and You can never stop worrying

Its a nightmare.

Every day a friend would die
few people survived the war. I did not
the war ended November 11, 1918.
But I was not alive that day
All the people that survived celebrated
I wish I was there
and mostly I wish I was still alive, But I’m not.

Now I lie in Ottawa in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
I’m alone every day of the year except Remembrance Day

The day the war ended
People pay their respects to me, but only on that day.
They cover my grave with poppies and say a few words.
I will never forget what happened in the war
I am the Unknown Soldier. Remember me.

Thank for reading and bye until next post.


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